Christmas Party & Decemeber 25

Christmas party is coming how exicted we hope that we would have lots of fun .

We should also pray for the coming of jesus and his birthday we wish we would have a great christmas.






Arch enemies or Bullies

Have you ever got in to fight! I did in grade2 I wont tell you who was it but only way to get out of this is telling the teacher or get support from a friends.If you were a bystandards don’t be they will just cheer the bully and make him strong if you were a smart bystandards you should stand up for the victim

Be Happy At School

  • ¬†(Xavier School)¬†very awesome school Beacause we have alot of fun games and activities examples are Service Interaction and Recolection
  • Sports Our School also provide us places to have fun
  • Classroom we also have fun at classes exaples are Games,Group work and Projects